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Clear :iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 2 2 Porrim Maryam :iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 2 0
Bittersweet Symphony
Giant ball of hurt, sugar coated with love,
Set up to gather its most innocent in it's glove,
It doesn't hurt until it won't you let go,
Try to lick yourself free but decide to lie low,
Its bittersweet taste lingers,
Gripping you with its web-like fingers,
The screams start to come into focus,
You can't get yourself out with some hocus pocus,
But there are those luckier than the rest,
I guess you could call them blessed,
But in this cruel web of desire, with the bittersweet symphony playing for all to hear,
There remains too much to fear,
So they crawl away,
So for this their pains and fears shall be weighed.
This is the life we all live...
:iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 2 1
Mature content
Heart Broken :iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 2 6
Stress is a common emotion,
problems causing so much commotion,
I am tired of it all,
sometimes I just wish I'd fall.
Everything goes bad eventually,
I feel as we have absolutely no ally,
I want to escape from it but I can't,
suicide is a shan't.
It surprises me how I still have the will to live,
desperately wanting to thrive,
happy moments or days no longer last,
all memories sour especially of the past.
Why can't I move on fear ties me down,
if a thrown for the weak was I'd wear its crown,
a break is what I need,
I write this as a plead.
Let me rest,
I hate to be a pest,
but its getting hard to want to live,
I am about to hand my life in, to give.....
Save me, would you?
:iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 1 0
Hate the Game
Don't hate the player hate the game,
a simple excuse to avoid blame,
when in reality its all the same,
void of the tiniest of shame.
How can a person be so easily forgiven,
to sympathy we were driven,
how unquestionably this was given,
don't even kid they are unforgiven.
Sad really to be forced to put a happy face,
not even allowed any grace,
I have done this too often to erase,
desperately wanting a hiding place.
Indescribably a new kind of pain,
how frequently felt to be in chain,
pleading to be slain,
to not live with this again.....
:iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 2 6
My Second Mother
My Second Mother
There from the very beginning to watch me grow,
To spoil me rotten this I know,
To teach me right from wrong,
Even to encourage me not to play beer pong!!
We’ve had our laughs and plenty of fun,
We’ve had our birthday phone calls at the rising of the sun,
For sure I know you have been there for me,
Always and forever now I see!
I will always think of you as a mother,
For there is no other,
As perfect and wonderful as you,
You treated me as your own too.
I am glad to have you by my side,
I love having you as a guide,
But today I ask you spoil yourself,
Treat oneself!
Happy Birthday Ma, be happy and carefree today!!! I know you deserve it a lot, I wish we would spend more time together. More days to celebrate only you and shower you with love!!
Love, April
:iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 0 0
My Sister
My Sister
Who is there for you when you need to talk?
When you need to find a hot guy to stalk,
When you are lost and need an explanation,
You can always count on her for some regular interrogation,
You can always count in her to help with some extra hard project,
You can always count on her to help find a special object,
To lend a hand when you fall,
After she’s done laughing and all.
You must be describing a sister,
I recognize this because I have the best one, mister,
She’s funny,
She’s as sweet as “hunny”,
She’s twice as good as yours buddy,
She’s always there to help me study!
Oh yes, for her I’d give up anything,
I’d swear she’s an angel if she’d have some wings,
On her birthday I want her to know,
How I love her so!
Happy Birthday Mayra, you are the best sister ever and I love you so much!!!  I wish we spent more time together and that there were more days like today to celebrate you!!!
Love, April
:iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 3 0
The Symptoms
I found myself typing in something I am afraid I might have,
I shut my eyes, afraid of what is in store.
Gathering the courage I see the symptoms,
I begin to sob quietly and shake,
I see the symptoms match mine fairly well.
I see what I really am now, I am in disbelief,
I am depressed
:iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 0 0
I know how it feels
I know how it feels to fear everything,
I know how it feels to be broken, physically and mentally,
I know how it feels to hate yourself,
I know how it feels to beg for forgiveness,
I know how it feels to feel guilty of everything,
I know how it feels to be a burden,
I know how it feels to act happy so you don't have to explain,
I know how it feels to not know why you feel like this,
I know how it feels to be in need of a break,
I know how it feels to be surrounded by memories,
I know how it feels to not feel good enough for anyone or anything,
I know how it feels to always wear a mask,
I know how it feels to hate your reflection in the mirror,
I know how it feels to feel like a reject, a freak,
I know how it feels to want to stop everyone else around you,
I know how it feels to be depressed
:iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 0 0
Here i am again, wounded by a close friend, how could i still trust anyone after everything. I feel hurt, torn apart, and misunderstood all caused by a loved one. I always get back stabbed by other, why do you wound me so. And people still ask why i dont trust them....
:iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 1 0
Strong, a word often used when describing me, but it merely makes me depressed, i feel a disgrace to every strong person out there. i am nothing but a weaking
:iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 1 0
Everyone views me as a brave, confident and strong person,
No one ever notes my insercuity that eats away at me day and night,
The pain, fear and regret.
No one sees I'm always in pain,
For I hide it well.
My mask falls as soon as I visit my cruel past,
Memories flowing,
Unbearable pain,
As it whispers awful things in my ear,
Making me question every single decision
I dared make.
:iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 1 0
Mario Characters :iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 1 0 Mario Characters 2 :iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 1 0
Life is a taunting, tricky and misleading thing, with which we are all fasinated and satisfied with. A raging rollar coaster which none of us can get off, and to think, woman bring childern into this perplexing world we call fun. My point being, life's a bitch and then you die, but it is also what we make it to be, it depends on whether we are devils or angels. Life is a gift of clay, we must form it and thrive on the wish. Life is a short, ticking time bomb and some believe they get points for bringing others down. So, now I ask of those that will stand up against all evils and not crack. That you do not give your children everything or you are dooming there future. Those that have suffered and can't take it anymore will be strong and protect others from that pain. Life turns us all into savages or saviors. Life can be easily taken be other ignorant people, make them fight for your's. Dont dive up on life.
:iconinuyashalover26:Inuyashalover26 2 0


Holiday Card Project 2012

It's back!  With the goal of bringing a little cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the deviantART Holiday Card Project connects deviants from around the world and applies their tremendous artistic abilities in designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In past years, the Project has received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 1,000 deviants from 50 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed in-person by deviantART members to local Los Angeles, CA hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who submits a card will be given a free one-month Premium Membership to deviantA
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  • Listening to: Miss Jackson- P!ATD
  • Reading: HOMESTUCK
  • Watching: ATTACK ON TITAN
  • Playing: Halo 4, Black Ops 2, Minecraft
  • Eating: sammich
  • Drinking: water
1.You gotta post the rules
2.You have to tell 10 things about yourself
3.You have to answer 10 questions you're given
4.You have to ask ten questions to your victims
5.You have to tag ten people 
6.NO TAG BACKS!!! (*chuckles darkly for hours*)

2. im sick right meow
3. i am usually speaking to three people 24 fucking 7
4. i am the Davey of the Strider
5. *whispers* i am also Batman
6. uh im bored currently
7. i must do a minimum of two things all the time or i flip my shit
8. i have the strongest urge to meow right now
9. i just meowed at my brother
10. cute guys are in theater

1. First ever anime?
Dragonball Z bc i was a badass six year old
2. If someone was going to make a movie about you, which actor would you want to star as you?
3. Pie or Pie?
dont you mean ca-THE CAKE IS A LIE
4. Brofist? : P
5. What (Show, book, etc.) would you like to be in? 
SPONGEBOB bc fuck you i wanna dick around and live in a pineapple
6. Are you a Yandere or a Tsundere?
uh uh *SWEAT NERVOUSLY* POTATO *absconds*
7. Worst game you ever played?
impossible game *whispers* that shit ruined my life*
8. Favorite music?
NBHGIDJOBFN practically all
9. Do you prefer GerIta or DenNor?
10. Greatest goal you want to accomplish?
Become a successful Strider and get all the bitches *whispers* i already doooooooo
1.Let me tell you about Homestuck X3
yes what hello
3.what is your favorite color? n.n
light bluish bc yes Smile HD  
i love that video
5.Do you like anime?
oh hell yes
6.What's your favorite food?
the kind that would fucking stay in my system right about now
7.Favorite character?
myself aha no ummmm just about any hot guy from one of my fandoms
8.What makes you happy?
9.Healthy foods or Candy?
10.Do you like Faygo ? n.n


:iconkew0113: (BITACHHHHH)
:iconjohnthejawnguy: (you must be a witness to all this im sorry)



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